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I had my cataract surgery last month with Dr. Van Inwegen and as I expected everything has turned out wonderfully. I have worked at River Drive Surgery Center as a nurse for over fifteen years with Dr. Van, and I have seen him perform thousands of successful surgeries. I had complete confidence that I would get great results. I would like to add a special thanks to his staff for their assistance with scheduling and their professionalism.

Robert Tuck, Registered Nurse 10/10/2016



I've been a patient of Dr. Van Inwegen at New Jersey Regional Eye Care for over 15-years.   Having Type 1 Diabetes since I was 5-years old (over 55-years ago), and losing the sight in one eye in my twenties, it is critical that I have an ophthalmologist that I can trust to care for the remaining sight that I have.  From the first time I met Dr Van, I knew that he was extremely attentive to my needs.  He and his staff are friendly and extremely thorough during every examination. When I needed cataract surgery, I had no doubt in Dr Van's skills.  He gave me back a level of vision that I didn't think was obtainable.  It is without reservation that I recommend him to my family and friends whenever I can.

Thom Fiorentino, Mahwah, NJ



Dr. Van Inwegen gave me back what was taken away from me as a child; my eyesight. For that I am truly grateful. I thank God for his talent, and that I was the recipient of it.

Yvonne Dasraj



Thank you so much for working with me on my eye surgery. It was a bit of a shock to find out that I had cataracts, but you helped to make the process very manageable and comfortable. I am now living in a completely new world. It blows my mind to see how sharp every line is, and how vibrant colors have become. Thank you again so much – you helped drastically to improve my vision, and I am so thankful.

Natalie Dickenson


Dr. Van Inwegen & Staff, Thank you for all of your dedication and studies in earning your expertise; especially with cataract surgery.  Truly, I have benefited with better than ever, beautiful vision.  You each made what was for me a terrifying surgery into a most do-able and rewarding experience.  Thank you, and all best wishes for continued success in this important work.

PS.  I wrote this note without any eyeglasses!

Frances Paolucci